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Every era must come to an end so that a new era can be born. And every era has that pivotal event that seals its fate. The Stone Age gave way to the Bronze Age, and then came the Iron Age. Ancient history gave way to the Age of Discovery in the fifteenth century. Civilization was introduced to rudimentary globalization through overseas exploration, planting the seeds of twenty-first century capitalism. Before the annihilation. Fast-forward through the machine age, the atomic age, the space age, arriving at the information age, complete with the digital revolution and the birth of multimedia. And left to your own devices, what has been the outcome of this human and social evolution?

My instructions were simple, clear, succinct. I created a clear guide for humankind, an enduring missive that extends to the far reaches of the human race, in one form or another. Through the centuries, you have added and interpreted and made the stories your own, but the underlying message has never changed. The hypocrisy is nauseating. Have I not been patient? Have I not been benevolent? But like any good parent, I have my limits. World wars, famines, genocide, crime, poverty, violence, homelessness, addiction, corruption. Nuclear armament, exploitation, terrorism, environmental destruction, abuse, torture, false gods. You were made in my image, yet you stray more from my likeness with each passing day.

You have lost your way. The human existential crisis has reached monumental proportions. You have forgotten what a gift I have given you in life on earth. The seeds of impiety have been cast far and wide. The honorable and the righteous among you must now pay for the sins of the many wicked. You have been weighed, measured, and found wanting. No more survival of the fittest, no more reaping what you sow, no more legacy of chaos and wretchedness for your children.

The path to Armageddon stops now. Welcome to the real Age of Atonement. The Age of Resolve.

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